MY ERASMUS+ EXPERIENCE IN FINLAND 28.4.-4.5.2019 1. The best thing about this trip was… meeting new people and finding new friends from all over Europe. ​ 2. The worst thing about this trip was… that we missed our flight back home due to a train delay and had to stay for one more night in Finland. However, that experience was quite adventurous and exciting for us too! ​ 3. One thing that surprised me was… that almost all the Finnish people have a sauna at home. 4. A typically Finnish thing that I noticed was that… people (also young students) like going to the sauna and they love to spend time outdoors. ​ 5. The biggest difference between Austrian and Finnish people is that… they love “salmiakki” (salted licorice) because most other people cannot stand the taste of it. 6. During my trip I learned that… you have to make the best of every bad situation, and that even missing a flight back home can have some positive aspects (we stayed for one extra night in a nice hotel next to the airport). ​ 7. I would recommend the Erasmus+ project to other students because… it is a great experience to meet other teenagers from all over Europe and learn about their cultures. ​ 8. What I also want to say is that… I want to join my teachers on their next Erasmus+ trip. Please take me with you! Thank you for offering us such a great program!

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